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"I use a holistic approach to help you to replace the behaviours which are keeping you stuck in your current undesirable state with new behaviours that will propel you towards living the life you want to live, and performance at the highest level."

Functional Strength

Yin Yoga


Nutritional Guidance



As an ex-college athlete with 12+ years of gym experience, I came to Myles thinking I didn’t have much more to learn about fitness. My hope was to just pick up a few new workout templates and see how much I could improve my body composition in a year.


After 16 months, the change in my fitness was profound. I gained a considerable amount of strength, put on tons of new muscle, and became leaner than I have ever been. I also gained a ton of mobility, got rid of my chronic hip pain which had limited my ability to squat for years, and made huge improvements to my aerobic base. I never expected to achieve such incredible physical results, and I certainly didn’t foresee all of the other ways working with Myles would improve my life.


I changed the way that I eat and how I think about food. I developed a habit of daily stretching and developed a love for Yin Yoga. I learned new breathing and mindfulness techniques, new ways to think about cardio, learned how often and how intense I should workout, how to build my own workouts, and I could go on and on. In short, through working with Myles, I developed a more complete view of what I consider ‘fitness’ - and this, rather than the physical improvements, are what I’m most thankful for.


It is not hyperbole when I say that working with Myles was the best money I’ve ever spent. I came to Myles hoping to improve my physique, and instead he changed my life.

Cam G, Calgary, CFO


"My experience has been extremely rewarding, and I definitely ended up with more than I bargained for. 


His Mentorship provides me with a tremendous amount of support. For me accountability is extremely important.


Knowing that he is there, in my corner, rooting for me to express my potential is a big motivator for me and my life has improved as a result.


My self-esteem has been improved, and I am much stronger both mentally and physically"

— Sean, Saskatoon, Real Estate Broker


 "I would say the strongest I have ever been. I feel healthier, happier, and more balanced in life overall.  I had always wanted to get back into strength training but could never stay consistent with it."

— Mel "Fitchick", Saskatchewan, Fitness Coach & Mother

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"Getting through my wrist injury and back on track would not have happened on my own or would have taken a lot longer - and I absolutely love my workouts, who knew a basement gym could be so much fun"

— Steph, Saskatoon, Business Owner

 "To try and put into words what my experience with Seneca Strength is like is nearly impossible. It's more than a coach, it's more than just fitness, it's even more than a friendship. It keeps me calm and focused, settled and grounded... when I otherwise may be lost. "

— Brad, London Uk,Digital Insurance Broker.

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"This programming and the thing we've got going on is making my life better, plain and simple!"

— Svenn, Norway, Fitness Coach, Army Ranger, Nurse.

"Myles is the man. No other way to say it. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, diet, and most importantly mindset! I have referred multiple people and I get the same feedback from every person."

— Mike, Baltimore, Financial Planner.

Who I Work With

I work with a wide variety of self-motivated people who are dedicated to performing their best in life.


However, over the years I have noticed some ’niches’ make themselves clear, so I would consider the following a decent representation of where my strengths as a coach lie.


Young Professionals looking to perform their best in life. These folks are young Titans looking to optimize their lifestyle so that they are proud of how they look, functionally fit and strong, and want to do this in a sustainable fashion that supports both body and mind. How cool is that 'twenty-somethings' today are not only focused on career, but also want to be super healthy, jacked, and meditate? 

Introverts with Home Gyms. Yes, believe it or not there is a subculture of folks out there who prefer training alone. I am one of them. Introverts need a certain amount of time alone to recharge their batteries and training during this time is extremely efficient and fruitful. Furthermore, without the social distraction of a busy gym, introverts often feel they can better focus on their training and get better results.

Athletic Support/Athletic Development. I have worked with Professional Boxers, Professional MMA Fighters, Professional hockey players, Tv Personalities, and Fitness Coaches looking to learn more about their craft through their own development. This is where I started as a coach, and I am confident I can help any athlete feel better, perform better, and last longer! 

 Middle-age adults looking to get in shape before it is too late. When is the best time to plan a tree? Twenty years ago. When is the second best time to plant a tree? Right now. These folks are a little further into their life and have not spent as much time focusing on their health in the past decade(s) as they should have. However, now they at a place in life where they can focus on self-care and need some support along the way.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

1 on 1 Coaching

I have one service and this is it. You are fully committed to changing your life and realize that means we are not fixing or adding onto an already broken system. This is creating a new life, and a new you. Get ready for change, it'll be uncomfortable. 

I help provide the knowledge and experience needed to make informed decisions related to your growth, provide the structure needed for you to change, and then hold you accountable as well as support you when things get rough. 

By enrolling a coach you are giving yourself a huge advantage by outsourcing a large part of your self-care.


You are greatly increasing your chances of summiting your proverbial mountain when you hire a sherpa.

Image by Dylan Ferreira
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An In Depth Review...

— Robbie K, Philadelphia, Finance

After working with Myles for a year, how has your life changed? 

"My life has changed for the better after having Myles as a coach. I am reading almost every day, on a wide variety of topics that I might not have ever gotten into prior. My outlook on life is more open, and I’ve noticed a higher level of appreciation for things, including my relationships. I’ve learned to enjoy the process and journey, rather than rushing to get results. Not just with fitness but with other aspects of my life as well."

After working with Myles for a year how has your relationship with fitness changed? 

"My relationship with fitness has changed dramatically. I see fitness as a crucial part of a healthy and fulfilling life, rather than just trying to get strong or have a six-pack. One of the biggest takeaways after a year with Myles is that true fitness is long term. It’s not just to look good in my twenties, but to be able move well when I’m 70. My goals have changed to focus more on health and longevity rather than physical appearance. I now concentrate on form and making sure I am moving correctly, rather than trying to lift heavy. Before Myles, I needed someone to hold me accountable to get to the gym and eat healthy. After a year with Myles, I no longer need someone to motivate me or hold me accountable. Now, my mindset is discipline and not motivation. Exercising is not a chore, it’s a part of my everyday life. My diet has also improved significantly. I try to look at food as fuel, rather than short-term pleasure. Similar to exercising, I treat eating healthy as a lifetime lifestyle."

What did you like best about having Myles as a coach?

"The best part of having Myles as coach is that it wasn’t all about working out and getting big. Myles was more of a life coach, with a focus on fitness. Life is not all about having a six-pack or benching 400 pounds. “You don’t want a six-pack with no friends”. Myles showed me that having a passion for fitness will lead to a better overall life. I have become much happier over this past year."

What would you say to anyone else who might be on the fence about a remote coach? 

"I would say to absolutely sign up. There are no limitations having a remote coach, especially with today’s technology. It is seamless to upload training results and videos of exercises. Myles would critique results and provide a level of feedback that you would only expect from an in-person trainer. I can’t speak for all remote coaches, but Myles will help you accomplish all of your fitness or life related goals." 

An In Depth Review...

— Sean Murray, Nanaimo, Canada, Football

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After working with Myles for a year, how has your life changed? 

"Since working with Myles, my life has changed drastically. From a physical standpoint, my body isn't sore and tight to the point of pain every day. My mobility has improved drastically, as well as my physique. I also can move weight without being scared of hurting myself thanks to Myles' attention to detail in coaching. My relationship with food has improved, and I can comfortably stay on a healthy diet without feeling like I'm dieting. Myles also incredibly helped my mentality towards the gym and even life. I'm more mindful in my everyday life, and am no longer working on anyone's time limit but my own as far as my development and progress goes. I'm no longer in love with just the results of training, eating, my job, etc. But I am instead in love with the journey and the everyday tasks that lead to getting results which has lead to a much more enjoyable time in life."

After working with Myles for a year how has your relationship with fitness changed? 

"I no longer care about how much weight is on the bar and pushing for higher numbers, but rather how cleanly and efficiently I'm moving the weight. It's a less stressful relationship with fitness and a much more sustainable approach. My frustrations with not hitting a certain number are gone."

What did you like best about having Myles as a coach?

"My favorite part about having Myles as a trainer was just his attitude and personality. He understands people are human, and there's gonna be times that clients fall off on their training or lifestyle for one reason or another. He's very good at keeping you accountable without making you feel bad for being human. He keeps things positive and sustainable. It's fantastic."

What would you say to anyone else who might be on the fence about a remote coach? 

"If you're on the fence about a remote coach, you don't need to be with Myles. Despite being remote he is still very attentive to his clients and will find ways to make things work for you. There's plenty of communication, and plenty of attention to detail in his plans. He loves this work and you can feel his passion through his messages with you and through the video calls."