Coach Myles Jeffers


I am a Physical Culturist.


I love using my body, and challenging myself through physical pursuits. 


I am a Self-Alchemist.

My journey as a self-alchemist started back in high school when I was a musical nerd dreaming of being an athlete. I had to turn myself into to the athlete I wanted to be, and that is how my long journey began. (refer to pics)


 I believe self-love is important, but I also believe that most people want more, and are capable of more from themselves. 

Today, I get the most joy out of helping others on their personal journeys of self-alchemy. My coaching is the baby of my crazy life, varied education, and amazing mentors.

I love helping people, and at this stage of my career I am confident I can help every single person I meet feel better about themselves and their place in life. 

Love Myles ☯️💜☮️                            


-Opex Fitness Level 1 Associate Coach


- Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bellarmine University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science majoring in Psychology, minoring in Philosophy

-Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Level 2, Crossfit Weightlifting

-Precision Nutrition Level 1

-Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1

-200hr Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance)

-50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Bernie Clark)