Progress from Two Years of Consistency and a Plan- Remote Coaching Client Braden T.

Today is a short post. I just want to congratulate remote coaching client Braden on joining the 200# Snatch club which is a big milestone.

Braden has been a client since December 2015, and was quite green when we started. Despite his young age Braden has had a very mature outlook on his development and has been willing to put in the gritty work to develop properly as an athlete. This has meant that the bulk of his training has not looked like the sport of fitness and that is not always the most "fun" way to approach things.

Here is a look at two measures of Braden's fitness over the past two years in areas where he was struggling to improve. These improvements are the result of having a customized plan designed to meet Braden's individual weaknesses, which was mainly strength, and Braden's dedication to changing his lifestyle, and sticking to the plan.

Now this progress is highly impressive, but what impresses me more about Braden is this right here.

Now, I don't expect all of my clients to have this sort of compliance. This is special. But, if you are like Braden, and approaching fitness as a competitive athlete which means you want to win shit (not just compete), well this is what it takes. Braden's journey is still in its adolescence but I believe if you are truly going for it (whatever it may be), there is no half-assing. You are either in, or you are out. Braden is in.

Congrats Braden, keep up the great work!

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