What I learned hunting...

Yesterday I did something for the first time. I went hunting.

I sat in a blind for almost 9 hours in -20C (with windchill), and was lucky enough to see 1 squirrel, but zero deer.

So, was it a wasted day?

Was I still hunting even though I don't have a picture of myself with a dead deer for social media?

Although I didn't get an animal, I had a lot of time to think, and I had fun reflecting on a lesson that can be learned from my "unsuccessful" hunting day in relation to fitness.

For once I think I can get my point across pretty quickly here.

Hunting is generally represented in images and media by "the kill", which includes the shooting of the gun, the picture with the animal, and the harvesting of the meat. This is what hunting is right?

Hunting actually is:

-Finding somewhere to hunt

-getting permission

-setting up the blind

-baiting the deer

-checking game cameras

-waiting for hours/days in the cold/wild

-sighting in your scope

-practising your shooting ability

-learning how to field-dress an animal

-driving to the land


There is no kill without all of the pre-requisite work that we never hear or see in regards to hunting. The amount of time a hunter spends on the pre-requisite work grossly outweighs the amount of time spent on the actual kill & harvest.

How does this relate to fitness?

Well, let's use the elusive "six-pack" as an example. Many people would want to have a six-pack and can picture themselves with one, and how great it is going to be when they get it. But, none of that will help you get a six pack. What you need to fall in love with is the process.

Getting a six pack actually is:

-Significantly lowering one's body-fat %

-Increasing muscle-mass of the abdominal muscles

-Caloric restriction

-Spending more $ on groceries (Food quality)

-Spending time cooking

-Accepting the discomfort that comes with reducing caloric intake

-Saying no to nights out with the boys/girls most of the time (or being the designated driver)

-Spending time exercising

-Spending money on a coach to help you be more efficient in reaching your goals

-Thousands and thousands of reps of core exercises

So, who is more likely to get a six-pack? Someone who loves six-packs, or someone who loves and/or accepts the work it takes to get a six-pack. Someone who looks at a lot of six-pack pictures on instagram (focusing on the result), or someone who loves working out and eating healthy just because?

In my experience, the people who experience the best success in fitness are those who fall in love with the process, and view their results (aka beautiful bodies/amazing performance) as a side-effect of doing something they love. This applies to everything in life, not only fitness.

The process is eternal, the achievements are fleeting. Fall in love with what you are doing, not what you are hoping to get.


Myles Jeffers

Seneca Strength

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