Client Success: (6 months of 3x/week)

"1 rep max" @ 150kg or 330 lbs. Does anyone else think Ben has some more in the tank?


Today I want to give you a glimpse into the journey that Remote Coaching Client Ben has been on for the past six months.

Ben is a Chiropractor and family man in his late 20’s and became a Remote Coaching Client in June 2018. Before we started together Ben had been Crossfitting for a few years. He already had impressive strength numbers but had hit a strength plateau for the past couple years and wanted to move forward. He reached out to me in hopes that I could help him get stronger, become more balanced, and improve his overall fitness. That means we were a good fit, because that is what I do.

As a business owner and father to a small family, he does not have a lot of time to dedicate to training, but still enjoys pushing himself physically. So, we decided that we would see what we could make happen with “only" 3 training sessions/week.


Now, it is important to note here that of course 4-5 sessions would be ideal and in a perfect world that help Ben reach his goals sooner. However, the ideal does not matter if it is unrealistic for that persons lifestyle and family life. It is also possible that 4-5 sessions would lead to less progress for Ben because he does not have the time to recover from that amount of training. A good indication that 3x/week is an appropriate amount of training for Ben is that he sits around 90% compliance after 6 months of work together and has steadily increased his strength.


Even though my coaching is more process based than results based, it is still necessary to test once in a while. It allows me as the coach to see if what I am prescribing is eliciting the physiological response I am after, or if a different approach is needed. It is also rewarding for clients to see their progress after all of their hard work.

So... let’s see how Ben has progressed after six months of training 3x/week.

Ben put in work on a program that was designed specifically for him taking into account his training history and current lifestyle. The results followed. Big Ben, you've done well my friend!!!

If you are intrigued by Ben's story and wonder if you may be able to make the same kind of gains with training that is designed for you by a coach with almost a decade of experience, then shoot me an e-mail at to set up a time to chat and see if we are a good fit for each other.


Myles Jeffers

Seneca Strength

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