Lion Shit & The Willpower Myth

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

“My diet may at first seem spartan compared to the indulgences you call ‘moderation,’ Dan, but I take great pleasure in what I eat because I’ve developed the capacity to enjoy the simplest foods. And so will you”

-via 'Socrates' in The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman-

I am certainly no sage, but I have kept my body-fat at or below 10% for over a decade now. I don’t consider myself to be on a diet, a plan, and I certainly don’t follow a diet with a name. So…. it must be willpower right?

“You must have amazing willpower to eat so healthy”. I have heard that many times about myself and other people who maintain their goal body-compositions for years at a time.

However, attributing this kind of success to willpower is bullshit, sorry my friend.

I simply know that I am a lion, and that I'll never sleep if I make my bed in the butcher's basement.

Imagine the willpower it would take for a hungry lion to stay downstairs knowing all the while that all she would have to do is walk up a set of stairs to have the feast of her dreams. And if you are training like you should be, you will be hungry like a lion.

Unfortunately, most peoples’ houses are designed just like my analogy. The average home has filled their kitchen with temptations, or have been unwilling to throw or give bad food away. As a result, they are personally creating the need for immense willpower, and making their journey a lot harder. It is like choosing to throw a weight vest on to shovel your driveway.

“Everyone wants to be a lion, but no one wants to do lion shit.”

The best chance you have for abstaining from certain foods you want to move away from is to simply stop buying them. And if you are in charge of food for the entire house, and not everyone in your house is ready to evolve, then you can still choose to keep the bad stuff out of sight, or in the basement.

You need far less willpower to abstain in the grocery store than you do if it is 8:30 at night and there is a bag of two-bite brownies around the corner in the kitchen. So, make an effort to not grocery shop hungry (or stoned), and don’t even bother going down the aisles that do not have the foods you need.

A long term client of mine has a rule in their household. If you want to eat food that is unhealthy, or not conducive to the life you want to live, then you have to leave the house to get it.

This is an example of lion shit. The roughly fifty-year-old woman who shared this with me is a LIONESS! who earned a physique and physical ability that makes most 'twenty-somethings' jealous. But, she has done, and still does, the lion shit it takes to have that solid of a relationship with the body.

This may seem extreme to some, but depending on what you expect out of yourself, it is not even close to extreme. When put into practise, I believe it leads to more conscious eating choices, and also makes the sneaky cheats you do have far more enjoyable.

Good Luck On Your Journey!

This blog was brought to you by me, Myles Jeffers, and my main sponsor... Broccoli 🤓

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